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AUTHORIZED HELICOPTER FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR BACKGROUND:  This course is for the certificated commercial helicopter pilot interested in becoming an authorized flight instructor.  The flight portion of the course consists of learning instruction techniques and building proficiency in maneuvers to that expected of a flight instructor.  Safety techniques are taught for recovering from a student errors and proficiency in touchdown autorotations is required for the instructor.  The ground portion of the course consists of preparation for the two required FAA knowledge examinations and the FAA oral exam.  The first portion involves learning techniques for teaching, recognizing student psychological profiles, how people learn, and how to develop lesson plans.  The second portion involves learning to teach specific helicopter maneuvers and techniques with emphasis on aerodynamic knowledge and communications skills in expressing this knowledge.  Previous flight experience and proficiency in the R22 may help in completing the course in less time.  The FAA considers the flight instructors rating to be one of the most important ones it issues, as it is the basis of knowledge being passed along from the more experienced pilots to the new students, hence, the oral and flight tests are more difficult than the commercial pilot tests and involve the student demonstrating the skills of the teacher.  Accelerated course time should take 4-7 weeks.

AUTHORIZED HELICOPTER FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR FAA REQUIREMENTS:  An applicant for our FAA approved helicopter flight instructor rotorcraft helicopter must: possess a commercial rotorcraft helicopter pilot certificate, be at least 18 years old, read speak, understand, and write the English language, and hold at least a second class medical certificate.  Additionally, the applicant must obtain 40 hours of ground instruction and 25 hours of flight instruction and pass two separate FAA knowledge exams.  The first exam is a fundamentals of instruction knowledge test and the second an authorized flight instructor general knowledge exam.  After all training and stages are completed the applicant must pass an FAA required oral and flight exam.