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COMMERCIAL PILOT BACKGROUND:  This course is for the person who wants to become a professional commercial helicopter pilot.  The course emphasizes the development of professional pilot skills and judgment.  All training teaches greater precision and an in-depth analysis of previously learned maneuvers as well as the introduction to more advanced maneuvers.  The entire body of aeronautical knowledge previously learned is examined in greater depth.  This course is also an excellent way for the private pilot to gain proficiency and hone skills for greater safety and confidence.  Accelerated course time should take about 12-20 weeks.

COMMERCIAL PILOT FAA REQUIREMENTS:  An applicant for a commercial pilot helicopter certificate must:  be at least 18 years of age, read, speak, understand, and write the English language, hold a FAA issued private pilot certificate, possess at least a valid second class medical certificate, obtain a total of 150 hours of flight experience and 30 hours of ground instruction, and pass a FAA knowledge and flight test.