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PRIVATE PILOT FAA REQUIREMENTS:  An applicant for a private pilot helicopter certificate must: be at least 17 years old, read, speak, write, and understand the English language, hold at least a third class medical certificate and per FAR Part 141 must have at least 35 hours of flight training, 35 hours of ground instruction and pass an FAA private pilot knowledge exam and flight test.

Herlicopter Experts has a good working relationship with a local Aviation Medical Examiner. link .http://saboeavmed.com

To locate other Aviation Medical Examiners link.http://www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator/



PRIVATE HELICOPTER PILOT BACKGROUND: This course is designed for the person with little or no background in aviation.  It includes the most important training a pilot will receive as it forms the basis for all additional courses.  Quality training with a well-qualified instructor at this point is a must.  This course is designed as the first step for those who wish to go on to become a professional pilot, or as a complete course for those who will fly their own helicopter privately.  The private pilot certificate is much like your automobile drivers license, enabling you to use the helicopter for personal pleasure or business.
            The ground-training curriculum allows flexible use of self-study as well as classroom and private tutoring techniques by the instructor to achieve the completion standards.  The flight-training course advances the student logically from basic maneuvers to more advanced procedures.  The student will develop the skills and judgment to safely fly the helicopter as a private pilot   Accelerated course time should take 12-16 weeks.