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Helicopter Experts is a Robinson R-22, R-44, and R-66 Dealer and Service Center

Mike Bisek

Helicopter Experts, Inc.
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The R-66 helicopter brochure may be viewed at http://www.robinsonheli.com/brochures/r66_turbine_brochure.pdf






Helicopter Experts is an authorized Robinson Helicopter dealer for the R-22, R-44 and the R-66 models. Michael will personally assist you in choosing the options for your new helicopter and assuring that the entire transaction goes as smoothly as possible. He will then fly to the factory where he will conduct his own inspection before accepting your new helicopter. The delivery and transaction will occur at Helicopter Experts' facility.

Helicopter Experts is also a broker for many used helicopters that meet Michael’s standards.


The R66 TURBINE incorporates many of the design features of the R44 including a two bladed rotor system, T-bar cyclic and an
open cabin configuration. Notable differences are the R66’s increased reserve power, improved altitude performance, fifth seat and
dedicated baggage compartment. Robinson’s R66 delivers turbine power, performance and quiet comfort at a lower cost.
With continued focus on safety, the R66 meets the latest FAA crash worthiness regulations. After five years of research and development,
the R66’s design includes a well constructed cabin, energy absorbing seats and a new bladder fuel system. Its open cabin configuration
comfortably seats five adults with passenger views that are not obstructed. Increased capacity, lower acquisition and operating costs,
make the R66 the ideal helicopter for private, business and utility applications.
is a derivative of the RR250 series specifically
designed for the R66. The RR300
turbine engine operates on readily available
jet A fuel delivering excellent power
and responsiveness in a light-weight,
compact installation.
A latching starter and a fuel cutoff control
which is separate from the collective
twist grip reduces the chance of overtemping
during start-up.



Standard Equipment
Hydraulic Power Controls, Cabin Heater & Defogger
Removable Dual Controls, Rotor Brake, Ground Power Connector, Rate of Climb Indicator, Airspeed Indicator
Rotor & Engine Dual Tachometer, Sensitive Altimeter (in-Hg), N1 Tachometer, Torque Meter, Turbine Gas Temperature Indicator, King KY196A COM w/9 Mem Ch on Cyclic Grip, Garmin GTX327 Transponder w/Mode C Alt Encoder, Audio Control Panel with VOX, NAT AA12S-600, (Stereo & Music compatible)
Floor and Hand Intercom Switches, Clock (Quartz)
Magnetic Compass, Digital OAT Gage/Voltmeter
Hourmeter, Oil Temp & Pressure Gage, Leather Seats
Door Opener, Gas Spring, All Four Doors, Tinted Windshield & Door Windows*, Inertia Reel Shoulder Harnesses, Adjustable Pedals on Pilot’s Side
Carpeting and Acoustic Interior, Lighted Baggage Compartment, Underseat Storage Compartments
Door Locks, Hard Point on Belly, Integrated Oil Filter with Bypass Indicator, Engine Air Filter with Bypass Indicator, 160 Amp Starter/Generator, Electronic Engine Monitoring Unit for Maintenance, and Engine Health Tracking, Engine Compressor Rinse Nozzle
Integrated Caution/Warning Panel, HID Landing Lights
Panel, Map & Courtesy Lights, LED Anti-Collision Light & Navigation Lights, Tow Cart Adapter, Ground Handling Wheels, Windshield Cover, Rotor Blade