Equipment and Instructors

Helicopter Experts owns all of the helicopters that they fly. Many schools rent helicopters from local owners when a flight is scheduled. The condition of the helicopter and the maintenance that it has received is uncertain. The owner, Michael Bisek, conducts all maintenance and inspections on his helicopters. All are kept in impeccable condition.

We choose to fly the Robinson R-22 and the Robinson R-44, for flight instruction, due to the ease of transition into other models after graduation. These models have been voted the best for flight training.

In addition to our helicopters, we have a state of the art “Fly It Simulator”. The "FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator" is a two place, side-by-side seating cockpit with dual controls providing hands-on instruction.

Michael Bisek, owner and operator, is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. Our Certified Flight Instructors have many hours of instructing and have a passion for teaching. Because our instructors have mastered the art of teaching, you will obtain your license in fewer hours, costing you less.

The FAA named Michael “Mechanic of the Year Southwest Region 2007”.

Helicopter Experts was voted “Service Center of the Year 2004” by Schweizer Helicopter Company.

HEI provides maintenance and pilot training to government agencies such as the San Antonio Police Department, United States Customs Service and the Federal Aviation Administration.

HEI’s pilots adhere to the FAA’s and company’s strict safety rules and regulations. We don’t take any short cuts because we value our customers and our reputation.

All of our aircraft are owned and maintained to an above acceptable condition the HEI. Other companies rent helicopters and their pilots.