10 reasons that the FAA and local Law Enforcement Agencies have chosen Helicopter Experts for their flight training?

1.Helicopter Experts was established in 1994 and is the oldest flight school in South Texas.

2. Helicopter Experts has been an FAA approved part 141 flight school since 1996.

3. Helicopter Experts trains helicopter pilots only. We know that it is best for a flight school to dedicate it's time, equipment and employees toward the expertise of either rotor wing pilot training or fixed wing pilot training but not both.

3. Helicopter Experts' purpose is to train quality safe helicopter pilots. Our company does provide rides and tours on occasion but knows that a flight training school should dedicate it's time, equipment and employees toward the success of their students.

4. Michael Bisek, the owner has over 16,000 hours as helicopter flight instructor and is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.

5. Michael Bisek, the owner, personally overseas every student, on a daily basis, throughout their entire training.

6.Helicopter Experts' employees are full time flight instructors for the company.

7.Helicopter Experts owns all of the helicopters that they fly. Many schools rent helicopters from other owners when a flight is scheduled. The condition of the helicopter and the maintenance that it has received is uncertain.

8.The owner, Michael Bisek, conducts all maintenance and inspections on his helicopters. All are kept in impeccable condition.

9. Because Helicopter Experts and Michael Bisek holds more FAA certificates and ratings than any other school in South Texas, inspections are being performed by the FAA almost weekly. The mutual respect and the quality that is exhibited, has lead to an impeccable reputation in the circles of professionals who truly desire quality training.

10.The owner of Helicopter Experts Michael Bisek,has served as an expert witness on many trials involving fatal helicopter accidents. He has seen the results of poorly trained pilots and wants to avoid any and all type of accident. He feels that many schools that pass students without proper training don't have the student's or their potential passenger's best interest in mind.






  • FAA Approved Part 141 Helicopter Flight School
  • Veteran approved helicopter flight training reimbursement: Montgomery Bill and Post 911 GI Bill
  • Robinson R22, R44, and R66 Service Center
  • FAA Approved Part 135 Air Taxi Operation
  • R22, R44, R66 Dealer
  • Expert Witness

One-on-One Training
According to Your Schedule


Helicopter Experts' part 141 Flight school is one of the best in the country. Owned and operated by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, our students receive instruction that will exceed any other school. Hundreds of pilots have graduated from our school, many of whom are San Antonio Police Blue Eagles, Border Patrol, and FAA employees. All of our instructors have hours of experience and intensive training in general helicopter flying and a passion for teaching. They have logged hundreds of hours as Certified Helicopter Flight Instructors. This means that you obtain your license in fewer hours.You will pay less due to our one-on-one training, scheduled to your availability. You will never pay any money in advance of your scheduled lessons. Located in San Antonio, the beautiful Alamo city.



Private Pilot  
Commercial Pilot
Flight Instructor
Instrument Rating
Cross Country from Ca. to Tx.
FAA Designated Practical Tests administration


Why choose an FAA Approved Part 141 Flight School?

Flight schools come in two flavors, Part 61 and Part 141, which refer to the parts of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) under which they operate. What differentiates the two is structure and accountability. Part 141 schools are periodically audited by the FAA and must have detailed, FAA-approved course outlines and meet student performance rates. Part 61 schools don't have the same paperwork and accountability requirements. Only Part 141 schools can qualify for VA-reimbursed training. Another less important distinction between them is the minimum flight time required for the private certificate — 40 hours (10 of which must be solo) under Part 61, and 35 hours ( 5 of which must be solo) under Part 141. Considering that the national average for earning a private certificate is 60-75 hours (how long you'll take will depend on your ability and flying frequency), this difference isn't important for initial training. It does make a difference to commercial pilot applicants: Part 61 requires 100 hours pilot in command time, and Part 141 requires 15 hours pilot in command time.


12 Hour Cross Country From Ca. to Tx. Opportunity

Because Helicopter Experts is a Dealer for the Robinson R22, R44, and R66, there are many opportunities for our students to experience flying cross country from Torrance California to San Antonio Texas.






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