Facility Complex
Helicopter Experts owns its facility at the Bulverde Airport. All of our helicopters are kept in our 50'x100' hangar. We have four classrooms: two private testing rooms, a debriefing room, and a computer room. Because of our location all of the time and money spent for helicopter flying lessons is designated to teaching you how to fly and not spent on waiting for other aircraft to depart or land. When experience at a controlled airport is needed, your lesson will take place at the San Antonio International Airport.

Our classrooms are always available for you to study.

Helicopter Experts, Inc.
Bulverde Airport
29640 Bulverde Lane
Bulverde, TX 78163.
The FAA named Michael “Mechanic of the Year Southwest Region 2007”.

Helicopter Experts was voted “Service Center of the Year 2004” by Schweizer Helicopter Company.

HEI provides maintenance and pilot training to government agencies such as the San Antonio Police Department, United States Customs Service and the Federal Aviation Administration.

HEI’s pilots adhere to the FAA’s and the company’s own strict safety rules and regulations. We don’t take any short cuts because we value our customers and our reputation.

All of our aircraft are owned and maintained in impeccable condition. Other companies rent their pilots and helicopters. The condition of those helicopters might be questionable.