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Welcome to the world of flexible, convenient and speedy travel from Helicopter Experts' San Antonio Helicopter Charters. There is a lot to consider when choosing an appropriate charter helicopter; options vary widely in terms of performance, comfort and cost. Customer satisfaction is our primary focus, so we will only provide a helicopter we determine to be suitable for the task.

If it's a group passenger charter, executive or corporate charter, aerial work mission, business trip, or just a leisure trip, Helicopter Experts' San Antonio Helicopter Charters will deliver the helicopter charter solution to meet your needs. The world of helicopters can be confusing with many helicopter charter operators and aircraft to choose from. Helicopter Experts' San Antonio Helicopter Charters has the expertise to source the right chopper in terms of cost, suitability, comfort and reliability.


Executive Charter

Our services are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to provide unscheduled helicopter charter and air taxi services under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135, Certificate #H2ES481K. We are not limited by a 25 mile maximum flight and we can transport you to a different location.

How is an FAR part 135 Air Taxi Operator different from an FAR part 91.147 operator?

1.All pilots and mechanics must be routinely drug tested.

2.All pilots must pass a strict annual check ride.

3.All helicopters and facilities must meet much higher standards.

4.FAA inspections are performed more stringently and frequently.

5.All pilots must adhere to, and record, strict regulations on duty time.


Robinson R-22 one passenger-

The Robinson R-22 helicopter is ideal for helicopter charter and pilot training. The R-22 is a two-seat modern helicopter that will carry two people with a proven record of reliability and speed that has resulted in it being the largest produced helicopter in the world. Maximum seat weight per passenger is limited to 240 pounds.

The Robinson R-44 two or three passenger-

The R-44 has a maximum speed of 130 Knots and with adequate fuel and four people will cruise at 115Knots for about 2.0 hours. maximum seat weight per passenger is 300lb. It is ideal for charter and photography, and tours with a perfect view; we will remove the doors at your request for an unobstructed photo.

The Bell 47 one or two passenger-

The Bell 47 is ideal for helicopter photography and flight training since the aircraft has ample visability and is stable and easy to fly. It will carry one pilot and two passengers. All three occupants side by side at a speed of about 80 MPH for 2.5 hours. All passengers can talk with each other through a voice activated intercom system with Bose headset and at your request music will be provided for your enjoyment.




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Thank you for choosing Helicopter Experts for your San Antonio Helicopter Charters! We deliver high quality service and satisfaction to our customers' needs. Helicopter Experts' Charters offers the most professional customer service from our team of Helicopter experts who are available (7) days a week in order to assist you. Call Helicopter Experts' San Antonio Helicopter Charters today and our helicopter charter experts will gladly make your booking process a simple, fast and easy one.

Texas Aerial Surveys, Photography and Videography.

Helicopter Experts' Charters also provides the tools needed to complete your land surveys, utilizing the right equipment to provide the aerial photos that are often needed. Our network can make use of today's technology to allow our pilots to fly within feet of where you request, resulting in optimal efficiency. Pipeline inspection